International Research Network on Infants and Child Protection Systems

In-person or via Zoom: An open invitation to individuals interested in learning more about the network

Dear Colleague -

With approximately 80 members from around the world, the International Research Network on Infants and Child Protection ( is a collective of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in infants and child protection.

From the About the Network page on the IRNICP website, the mission of the Network is:

"to develop an evidence-base rooted in science, to promote knowledge transfer, and to accelerate systems change, with regard to how child protection agencies respond to families with infants, both prenatally and postnatally, so as to optimize their development and well-being."

Once on the website, you will find documents detailing the network's brief history.

We are having our second face-to-face meeting in the days before the EUSARF '23 conference.  The attached agenda outlines the topics for this meeting.

You are welcome to join in person or via Zoom link.  The registration process is simple enough - register for the Network and then follow the links to the registration template.  Information (e.g., the Zoom link details) will be announced via the website.

Many thanks,

Look forward to hearing from you.

Fred, Harriet, and Jane