International Research Network on Infants and Child Protection Systems

EUSARF conference

Dear IRNICP Network Members - 

Greetings and good wishes to each of you.

We are writing to catch you up with the EUSARF meeting and what we see as another chance to bring the network members together. With that in mind, here is a brief note meant to bring everyone to a similar point. We have only just started to think in more concrete terms about the opportunity so please regard this note as a starting point.

Regarding EUSARF, there are several sites online - here is one link with basic information:

The meeting will be at the University of Sussex, running from 12 September to 15 September.

The call for papers is out with abstracts due on the 17th of February.

We see three opportunities for presentations from network members in the EUSARF context:

1: There will be a Network pre-meeting in the days prior to the conference - on Monday and Tuesday of EUSARF week. We are planning a luncheon and dinner. At the pre-meeting, there will be time on the agenda to present work at various stages of completion along with a business meeting. More on this to follow.

2: Individual paper submissions.

3: Symposium presentation.

Of these possibilities, please feel free to submit proposals in the usual way and as you wish (option #2). When we have an inventory of papers submitted we can think about how to use all the time we have.

Planning for the pre-meeting and the symposium is just starting. We will use the network site to keep everyone on point with regard to developments. 

As for the network itself, we have reached a critical mass of members - more than 70 people are signed up through the Network website (

The website is a way to communicate with a community of scholars and practitioners interested in the same or similar issues. We encourage you to link to the network with reports and other announcements. For example, you can use the website to invite colleagues to a zoom call where you can discuss ideas related to EUSARF.

Please stay tuned. We will be in touch as we learn more. In the meantime, please think about what you can do to bring your work to the attention of your colleagues across the world using the network as a platform for communication.

Fred, Harriet, and Jane