International Research Network on Infants and Child Protection Systems

EUSARF meeting and Network Planning

Dear Colleagues -

We hope that this finds you well. Though we want to acknowledge the uncertainty and heartbreak in Ukraine, not to mention the lingering effects of the pandemic, we also want to press onward with the work of the International Research Network on Infants and Child Protection Systems.

To that end, it is time to pivot our attention toward the next EUSARF meeting as an organizing opportunity. Although formal announcements have yet to be made, in keeping with the bi-annual format, the next EUSARF meeting will be in 2023 (probably in September but specific details are still being worked out).

To leverage the opportunity EUSARF meetings present, these are some of the opportunities we should start contemplating:

1 An Invited Symposium

2 A pre-EUASRF meeting of the Network Members

3 Individual papers and/or panels that highlight research taking place around the world

Although all three possibilities will benefit from planning, the first two, in particular, will require our attention. To begin the process, we want to gauge interest in a brief web-based meeting of network members during which time we can organize ourselves with reference to these possibilities and others that members may have in mind.

In addition to the EUSARF planning, we can also discuss whether an interim meeting is of interest to network members. As we did in May of 2021, the web-based meeting would provide an opportunity for presenting and sharing new research findings along with practice and policy developments.  The business matters we may wish to cover as well.

You’ll find that you can “Leave a comment” on the page where you retrieved this post. Please leave a comment indicating your interest in (1) moving forward with the EUSARF planning, (2) your interest in joining an interim Network meeting, and (3) your interest in helping to organise such a meeting

With gratitude,

Fred Wulczyn

Jane Barlow

Harriet Ward

Deirdre Cheers



  • Melissa.O'Donnell

    2022-03-30 10:12:05

    EUSARF 2023 sounds like a great opportunity to have a meeting of the network. I would be interested in an interim Network meeting and am willing to help in anyway I can.


    2022-03-31 06:52:33

    Thanks Melissa. We'll keep you posted.

    Eda Yesilkaya Bennett REPLY @Administrator

    2022-04-03 12:12:18

    I am also interested in joining the interim meeting and additionally helping to organise such a meeting and other developments.

    Administrator REPLY @Eda Yesilkaya Bennett

    2022-04-05 07:37:28

    Thank you Eda. We will be in touch.