International Research Network on Infants and Child Protection Systems

EUSARF meeting and Network Planning

An invitation to begin planning for the next meeting of the network

Journée Nationale de formation Programme PEGASE Webinaire - Paris - 20 janvier 2022

The PEGASE Program is a French trial program of standardized health care monitoring and treatment which aims to prevent the long-term after-effects of child abuse in very young children placed in care

Poverty, Infant Placements into Foster Care and Disparity

In this forthcoming conference presentation, I examine infant placement rates and their correlation with poverty using separate estimates for Black infants and White infants

Inaugural meeting of the International Research Network

Inaugural meeting of the network, held in Oxford UK in September 2019.

A Brief History of the International Research Network on Infants and Child Protections Systems

Organized over the period from 2016 to 2021, the attached paper reviews activities of the network.

2016 & 2018 EUSARF conference abstracts

A summary of the papers presented at the EUSARF conferences in both 2016 & 2018