International Research Network on Infants and Child Protection Systems

The mission of the network is to develop an evidence-base rooted in science, to promote knowledge transfer, and to accelerate systems change, with regard to how child protection agencies respond to families with infants, both prenatally and postnatally, so as to optimize their development and well-being.

Researchers, policy makers and practitioners with expertise and experience in the field of child protection who, given their contributions and career trajectory, are able to demonstrate significant focus on issues related to infants.

Areas of interest
• Abandonment
• Maltreatment including abuse and neglect
• Substance use
• Adoption, including identity and socialization
• Alternative care (out-of-home care) including kinship care
• Effective interventions
• Diversity and disparity including First Nations & Indigenous communities
• Regional Interest Groups

Key activities
• Dissemination of research findings
• Development of joint research projects
• Delivering seminars to key audiences (e.g., policy-makers, practitioners)
• Producing papers for publication in scientific journals
• Producing policy briefings
• Developing training/webinars targeting key audiences
• Supporting the development of Ph.D. students (capacity building)
• Developing a resource (library of key articles; international and national policy documents)

Members of the Network understand and agree to the following:
• Registration constitutes a request to join the Network. Registrants will have their request reviewed by the governance committee. The Network is open to individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines and with a wide range of interests. However, as noted above (About the Network), Network membership is restricted to researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners with a significant, demonstrated interest in child protection together with specific reference to infants and related concerns. 

• We have your permission to contact you using the information (e.g., email address and phone number as available) provided by you. Communication with you from the Network will be limited to the Network’s official business as outlined above (About the Network). We will not share your information with anyone outside of the network or use it for purposes other than those needed to maintain the Network.

• Members of the Network may share content in the form of posts (posts), published articles (publication), and reports (publication) in the corresponding location. The Network welcomes the expression of diverse viewpoints and constructive engagement across the Network. Posted content will be moderated by the Network governance committee with an eye toward relevance to the Network's overall goals.

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